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About Us

3 Kings Media Group (3KingsMG) Is a premier nightlife marketing and promotions company.

3KingsMG was founded in 2012 for the purpose of creating a trustworthy, reliable company with the knowledge and expertise of event planning, lucid concerts and premium nightlife experience. The company endeavours to continuously provide creative, cutting-edge events that would certify 3KingsMG as a dominant force in the Entertainment and Lifestyle Industry. 3KingsMG is well known for its high profile one-of-a kind events through the combination of unique strategies, quality services, notable celebrities, and other trendsetters worldwide.

3KingsMG has a desire to create innovative events, pushing the limits and mastering the Art of Celebration while providing quality services to clients and consumers.

Celebrate with us, and witness as we control the city and all the beautiful people in it, bringing you nothing but the best experience.

You will drink, dance, feel fulfilled and when the night comes to an end, it all becomes a memory you fight to remember